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What we do

Conceptualisation or Aquisition

We specialize in small business. Our goal is to make sure we support you every step of the way. Whether you are thinking of buying a business or creating a new one from a concept. Mobile and Pop-Up Retail.  We have over 35 years of retail experience that will help you achieve retail success.

Marketing and Merchandising

Marketing your store, Merchandising your retail environment.  Mobile and Pop-Up Retail, Special Events and Sales;  Point of Sale set up;  Fixtures and display ;  Inventory control ; Seasonal merchandising.  Window dressing. Establishing measurable goals to optimize employee performance.

Staff Training and Development

Staff training and motivation. We will train your staff in: sales , customer service, presentation and merchandising. We offer : Staff motivation, Mystery Shopper. Team building. Optimizing employee performance.  Establish Management by objective. Provide team leadership skills to front line managers.

Services you can count on.

Concept and Start up

Do you have an idea for a store? Not sure where to start? We can help you, we have been there! From creating your company to creating your design and putting it in place. Our expert will guide you every step of the way.


Want to buy an existing business but are overwhelmed with the amount of work and information, we can guide you and put clarity and focus on the deadlines required to achieve your dream. 


Do you have an existing business , but want to increase sales? Have a social media presence? Create a website? Find the best form of advertisement for your store? We can help.


Our management by objectives approach will help you and your sales staff achieve a greater bottom line! We'll teach you how to successfully implement sales strategies and enhance employee performance.

Placement and location

We will help you analyze the market to make sure your concept is in the right location. We will help you negotiate and implement a lease.  We will ensure that your concept will be created by industry experts.

Staff Motivation

Having been in retail management for over 30 years we are experts in staff motivation!  Do you have an existing retail outlet that's doing well, but you just need all your staff to be at their personal best? We can help you, with on site and off site training.

Our Experts

Small Business Expert

Starting a business from scratch isn't easy, but this is what Patricia did over 30 years ago and grew her company into a small chain of stores. Still successfully operating today.

Retail Expert

Staying on top of the ever changing retail landscape is important in today's changing economy. Having a presence on line as well as a physical store is more important than ever. 

Management Experts

Our Experts are university graduates in Commerce and Economy and Human resources.  Each with over 35 years of retail experience in management.

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